What we Do

Our company was founded with the intention to allow all people access to the most recent knowledge and technological advancements. We strive to help individuals and companies obtain the highest quality available in technology and machinery and to help you achieve or even surpass your output goals by designing systems tailored to your needs.

Industry 4.0

With the current transformation in manufacturing and production processes, companies need advanced technologies to stay competitive. We can help you adapt to current developments and streamline processes using new digital tools to increase your productivity significantly.

Solar Panel on the roof

Renewable Energy

We design and supply photovoltaic solar energy systems for homes, businesses and communities. Any systems we plan use only high-quality products and are individually designed to help you achieve the best possible efficiency in your unique situation.



From being able to control coffee machines from your tablet in the morning to supervising production lines from your smartphone with coffee in hand, IoT systems can help you boost your interconnectivity with any system wherever you are. The personal or business possibilities are endless.


In recent history, Germany has distinguished itself as a leader in the engineering and production of equipment and machinery for the manufacturing sector. With the currently highest installed solar power capacity in the world, it has also become the center for green technology development and design. Provenio Technologies is based in Kleve, North Rhine – Westphalia, close to the Rhineland industrial hub.