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What We Do?





With the timely efficiency and accuracy required in healthcare, our solutions will streamline the process and have accuracy in stock, labelling and confirmation of the right tools, medicine and machinery being where they are supposed to be with confirmation of the right patient.

Warehouse and Manufacturing

Our solutions deliver realtime warehouses stock, deliveries and what goes out, and tracking of parts and materials of stages of manufacturing


Realtime stock information of whats on the floor and in the stockroom is achieved by the use of RFID solutions we provide.


We provide solutions for shipment, package, transportation logging /tracking and delivery confirmation. This improves the efficiency and speed of your business and minimizes manual data logging. Our solutions utilize RFID and barcode scanning.

Hospitality and Entertainment

Solutions for hospitality and entertainment for membership, keycards, festival wristbands and prepaid payment cards for streamlining payment and access to hotels, festivals, clubs and exclusive parties.

Events and festivals

Planning an event, party or festival? We have the best solutions for you. With the use of rechargable NFC enabled wristbands or cards, payments will be cashless which improves efficiency and minimize waiting. These can be used for access control, purchases, membership and VIP access.



We have the best and also newly developed equipment on the market.
RFID readers and handheld readers
RFID/NFC card, bands and chips
Rugged Tablets and handhelds
POS Systems
Self service reload Kiosk

We make your idea a reality.

We have a capable team that can talk to you,
advise or design the best solution which can be implemented for your scenario.